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 Potassium Gluconate

Product name:Potassium Gluconate
Molecular Formula:C6H11KO7
Structural Formula:

Molecular weight: 252.26(monohydrate)
CAS NO.: [299-27-4]
Characteristics: White or slight yellow crystalline granule or powder; odor less;
Uses: The product is an effective supplemental agent of potassium It is able to maintain the osmotic pressure in the cell, to regulate the acid-base balance in the body and to have an important action for maintaining the tension of skeletal muscle. It is not only an effective supplemental agent of potassium for all kinds of potassium deficiency diseases to human body but also a good food fortifier of potassium.
Specification: BP2015 USP40 EP9.0 FCC(IV) CP2005 GB15571-2010
Package: PE bag lined cardboard drum (size: 37x43), 25kgs net each.
Transportation & Storage: Keep in dry, cool and ventilating places. The shelf time is 2 years. It is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as a common chemical product. Avoid direct sunlight and rain.

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